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Cheap Keep Fit Equipment for use at home from Trampolines to Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Exercise Bikes, Cross Trainers, Multi Gyms and Massage Tables.

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Trampolines, Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Exercise Bikes, Cross Trainers, Multi Gyms and Massage Tables.

Keep fit equipment like trampolines for your garden from small 5ft trampolines for you all the children to play or exercise in a small garden or small outdoor space to huge 15ft trampolines for the whole family and parties to enjoy together.

With the classic round trampoline being the best option for a cheap trampoline with good bounce to the expert Olympic style rectangular trampolines that you see the Olympic athletes use, rectangular trampolines have the best bounce and the highest bounce, and now you can buy outdoor garden rectangular trampolines, we can't promise that your bouncing skills will see you at the next Olympics but your have a lot of fun.

If you don't have much room in your garden but want the best trampoline that will fit your space then buy a octagonal trampoline, these trampolines are a cross between a round trampoline and a rectangular trampoline and offer good bounce in a shape that just might fit your garden better.

If your tight on space and have a very narrow garden then get a rectangular Olympic style trampoline, if you have a little more space but it's still a tight squeeze then get an oval trampoline these have a larger trampoline area but the fact that they are longer than they are wide means they will fit into some quit small gardens.

Looking for some running exercise rather than bouncing exercise then you need a treadmill from the UK's cheapest fully featured treadmill the BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill to the Fuel Fitness F83 Treadmill which features an orthopaedic running belt and will help prevent aches and pains usually associated with running.

In need of a reliable treadmill that will give years of service and is backed by a long guarantee then get the Fuel Fitness F63 Treadmill with a 3 year onsite warranty which means they will come out to your home to repair or fix the treadmill should anything go wrong, much better than those companies who want you to post back a treadmill to their office for a repair.

Fancy a treadmill with a large running deck then the BodyTrain TrackSpeed 5000 treadmill is for you, whilst it's a very large treadmill it's still easy to use in the home as it's a folding treadmill which means that the hydraulic system will lift the running deck upwards into a vertical position so all the running deck is off the floor and you of course get all that extra floor space.

People hate running with headphones in from sweaty headphones with seat pouting down the siodes of the headphones and onto the foam pads to cables that get caught up in handlebars or yanked out your ears when you stand up straight or just plain fall out of your ears due to the jogging motion everyone has been looking for a better solution and now BodyTrain have found it with the TrackSpeed 4500 treadmill with built in speakers for CD/MP3 input, simply plug in your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 gadget and the sound will come out of two stereo speakers mounted into the front console of the treadmill, its not just music that you could be listening to but your business calls too if you want to make calls from your treadmill.

Rowing machines are great fun and if you fancy yourself in the Oxford versus Cambridge boat race or sipping drinks at Henley Regatta watching someone else do all the hard work then you might be thinking of getting your own home rowing machine they are cheaper than you might think with the top of the range rowing machine having heart rate measurement sensors which measure your pulse through the handgrips, clever stuff and with the folding design of the Body Sculpture BR-3320 rowing machine you won't have to worry about the rowing machine taking up to much space in your home.

The most popular rowing machine has to be the Red Oxford 8000 rowing machine with magnetic resistance which is super quiet in operation thanks to the magnetic resistance system and best of all magnetic systems have few moving parts so there's less wear and less to go wrong so you won't be needing servicing every 5 minutes like some other rowing machine brands.

Are you all in a spin when choosing your spinning bike then take a look at the Spirit SB700 Racing Exercise Bike which is for home use as well as commercial use and if its tough enough to survive in your local gym then it's certainly tough enough for home use, the bike has everything from duel pedals with tow clips to seats that move in every direction, up, down, forwards, backwards and tilting so whether you have long arms or short arms, are tall or short your be able to adjust the bike to your perfect position.

Fancy a beautiful looking exercise bike with a touch screen instead of buttons to press then get the Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Bike which as well as having built-in exercise programmes like cardio-vascular, lose weight, tone and more also have a programmable feature where you can make your own cycling course and save it for the next time you use the exercise bike, now whether your want to try to program the Tour de France and win yourself the yellow jersey or just make a relaxed country style ride your enjoy the low price.

For those looking for an exercise bike that's as beautiful as the rest of their home then get the Reebok iBike as its name suggest it's all about form and function with a beautiful white coloured exercise bike with clever features like a 7kg flywheel to give a very realistic riding experience like you where really outside on the road, even freewheeling feels the same.

From massage stools to massage chairs to massage tables your find them all here, use a massage stool for sitting on whilst you massage your client or offer beauty treatments, your enjoy the inch thick memory foam that keeps you feeling so comfortable and the luxury PU leather and wooden legs that looks stunning.

There's a full range of portable massage tables that actually fold up into their own carry case, it's just like carrying a light suitcase but inside is your full size massage table that can cope with any weight user from small to obese in style and comfort with a face cradle, arm pad, face holes, arm supports and all in beautiful PU leather colours of white, cream, black, pink and bright blue.

For a beautiful massage table that's portable but has all the features you would expect including a tilting head rest which makes the massage table suitable for head and shoulder massages as well as a full range of beauty treatments then get the Tahiti Topaz Cream Massage Table. So get fit and give up smoking.
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