AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Review AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the All Year Round Trampoline that's Weatherproof, Waterproof.

This is a large 14 foot trampoline, the AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline is a round trampoline for your garden, it's weatherproof and waterproof and can be left in your garden all year long year after year.
AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, All Year Round Trampoline

All Year Round Trampoline

To give an idea of the size the diameter of this trampoline is bigger than two grown men lying head to toe so there's plenty of room for everyone to be bouncing on this trampoline and when you have a birthday party it makes an excellent party activity.

The 14ft trampoline has a 5 year anti-rust warranty on the frame and a years warranty on the other materials, there are some special features on this trampoline that will make the trampoline last for many years, firstly the springs are attached to the trampoline surface by stitching, normally you have two or three layers of stitching for added strength the AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline has 10 rows of perimeter stitching so the trampoline will still be working fine many years after the competitions trampolines have been thrown away.

The actual rubber trampoline mat that you bounce on is made from a polypropylene weave which lets rain water flow through this prevents pools of water on the trampoline surface which have to be mopped away prior to trampolining and also on other makes of trampoline that don't have a permeable trampoline surface rot normally sets in as the water builds up not nice, and not a problem your find on the AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline.

The trampoline materials are also UV resistance so sunlight on the trampoline over the years won't cause colour fading or cracking.

The AirKing Lite 14ft Trampoline has all the safety features including a safety enclosure, this is a big fence that fits round the trampoline and prevents children and adults from jumping off the trampoline or falling out, you don't have to use the safety enclosure, but if you have children it's advisable.
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