AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Review AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Large Trampoline That Fits in Small Gardens and Family Friendly.

If you have a small garden but you're looking for the largest trampoline you can fit in your garden without completely dominating your garden then buy the AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline, it's an octagonal trampoline with is a shape that's a cross between a circle and a hexagon, this shape fits smaller gardens the best as the sides of the octagon don't take up as much room as other shaped trampolines and you can still easily walk passed the biggest of octagonal trampolines when they are in the garden, don't cut yourself off to half the garden you can't reach because the trampoline is in the way get a AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline.
AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Large Trampoline That Fits in Small Gardens

Large Trampoline That Fits in Small Gardens

It's a space saving design but it has all the safety features you would expect including a safety enclosure this fabric fence attaches round the edge of the trampoline and stops you and the children falling out onto the floor by actually blocking exit from the trampoline except through a fabric door which has a toggle fastening, so it's a great way to control who is on the trampoline at any one time, if you're having a party you can use the fabric door to make sure older children are not bouncing with younger children who want to take things a bit more calmly.

The trampoline is weatherproof and has a 5 year warranty so you don't have to worry about rain ruining the trampoline, the galvanised steel frame won't rust and the trampoline rubber surface is protected against sun damage from UV radiation as well as from rot and mildew as the trampoline rubber is manufactured from a polypropylene weave which allows water and air to pass through the surface of the trampoline, so when it rains the rainwater won't collect on the rubber surface like it does with other makes of trampoline.
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