AirKing Octagonal 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Review AirKing Octagonal 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Fits Large Narrow Gardens, Tight Space Trampoline.

Is your garden a tight space, not much room but still want the largest trampoline you can reasonably fit in the space then take a look at the AirKing Octagonal 14ft Trampoline, its an oval shape trampoline with a length of 14 feet but because its an oval shape its length is longer than its width so you can squeeze the oval trampoline into spaces a round trampoline would not fit.
AirKing Octagonal 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Fits Large Narrow Gardens

Fits Large Narrow Gardens

No squeezing past the trampoline to get to the rest of the garden, with a 14 foot oval trampoline your easily be able to get past the trampoline to enjoy the rest of the garden.

Oval trampolines have better bounce than round trampolines so you and the children will be able to jump higher and there's no roll together on oval trampolines so you can all jump at once without falling on top of each other.

To stop anyone falling out the trampoline a safety enclosure (large fabric fence) is included with your trampoline, put the fabric fence around the edge of the trampoline and the fence will protect you and the children and stop you from falling out, there's a trampoline ladder too so children of all sizes can use the trampoline and get in and out by themselves.

The trampoline is weatherproof too with a rust resistant frame that's actually guaranteed against rust for 5 years and the rest of the trampoline materials are UV protected so they won't fade or crack in bright sunlight.

The trampoline jumping mat is made from a polypropylene weave which lets rain water pass straight through so the trampoline is dry to the touch and you can start trampolining straight away with no pools or puddles of water to content with.
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