AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Review AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the 8ft Outdoor Childrens Trampoline, Leave Outside All Year.

Looking for a childrens trampoline then try this 8ft childrens trampoline the AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline, it's a round trampoline that is made for both children and adults and has all the safety features that you would expect from a outdoor trampoline for childrens use including a safety enclosure that fits all the way around the trampoline and stops children from bouncing off the edge and falling out (its like a fence all around the edge of the trampoline).
AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, 8ft Outdoor Childrens Trampoline

8ft Outdoor Childrens Trampoline

This 8ft childrens trampoline also features a ladder to help small children and adults easily climb in and out of the trampoline, if your wondering how children get in and out of the trampoline when the safety fence is attached, the fence has a fabric door with a toggle fastening.

There's a 5 year guarantee on the frame against rusting, its made from rust proof galvanised steel so won't rust no matter how hard it rains, the trampoline surface is air and water permeable so rainwater drips straight through the trampoline rubber polypropylene weave leaving the trampoline dry and without water puddles that would need to be mopped away.

The 8ft trampoline is also made from Ultra Violet light (UV radiation) protected materials that won't crack or fade in bright sunlight and the rubber trampoline mat being air permeable won't rot and you won' find mildew on your trampoline like some other manufacturers.

The trampoline is delivered free of charge, flat packed in a box with all the tools you need and full English instructions so you won't have any problems putting the trampoline together.

This 8ft trampoline won't damage your lawn either as the flat legs don't pierce your lawn they sit on top and there's no anchor pegs to make holes in your lawn, the 8ft trampoline is easy to slide around the garden when you want to mow underneath.
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