AirKing Rectangular 8ft x 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Review AirKing Rectangular 8ft x 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure an Olympic Style Trampoline, Professional Trampoline.

Professional trampolines aren't round, they are not like the trampolines people have in their gardens, professional trampolines as used by the sportsmen and sportswomen in the Olympics use rectangular trampolines and that's because rectangular trampolines have the best bounce, the highest bounce of any shaped trampoline so buy the AirKing Rectangular 8ft x 12ft Trampoline if you want a professional trampoline.
AirKing Rectangular 8ft x 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Olympic Style Trampoline

Olympic Style Trampoline

Round trampolines or oval trampolines are a compromise cheap, easier construction for a garden trampoline, but you can't bounce very high and they are not good for sports only for the children to play in.

Now AirKing have made a rectangular trampoline that gives the best bounced and is like the [professional rectangular trampolines yet can be assembled and left out in your garden all year round as its waterproof and colours won't fade or crack in bright sunshine like some other trampoline manufacturers.

The trampoline mat or jumping surface is a polypropylene weave which actually allows water to pass straight through the rubber mat so you won't get flooding on the surface of the trampoline when it rains, that means your trampoline will last for many years as its not constantly wet and you can use the trampoline as soon as its stopped raining without having to mop out the trampoline with a bucket and mop after its been raining.

A safety enclosure is included this is like a fence which stops children and adults falling out as the safety enclosure gently pushes them back into the trampoline if they try to get to close to the edge, there's also a trampoline ladder making it easy for small children to climb in and out.

Delivered free of charge in a flat pack bow which will take one hour to assemble in the back garden, after which you can leave the trampoline out in the garden forever.
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