SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Exercise Bike lets you Make Your Own Exercise Programme Or Use 12 Presets.

If you like to adjust your exercise until it's exactly to your liking then your like the Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Exercise Bike as it comes with a programmable exercised programme that you can design yourself, make your own cycling course maybe a cycle route you have cycled on every day or make an imaginary route as easy or as difficult as you like by including different resistance levels that make it easier or harder to pedal so you can use the exercise programme to train for a specific cycling course.
Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Exercise Bike, Make Your Own Exercise Programme

Make Your Own Exercise Programme, Or Use 12 Presets

As well as programmable exercise programmes there's also 12 present exerciser programmes that let you use exercise programmes already built into the exercise computer, exercise programmes to help you lose weight or shape and tone your legs or thighs or just for fun or to increase your level of cardiovascular activity and get your 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise that the doctors recommend.

The handlebars contain dual sensors that measure both the pulse rate in the palm of your hands as well as the resistance between your two hands which is an indication of body fat as measure on the BMI Body Mass Index scale, your pulse rate and body fat are body displayed on the bikes digital display in real time constantly updated as you exercise as is your calorie count so as you cycle you can see your pulse rate changing your body fat changing and the calories your burning changing all designed to encourage you to keep on pedalling and get fitter.

The exercise bike uses electronic magnetic resistance braking systems which are totally silent and make no noise so you can cycle on your exercise bike whilst you and the family watch TV.
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