Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Buy the Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, the High Quality Exercise Cycle with Touch Screen Colour Display.

If you're looking for an exercise cycle that has all the features with everything designed to make exercising easier for you then the Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike is a great choice.
Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, High Quality Exercise Cycle

High Quality Exercise Cycle

The exercise cycle has a large touch screen display that's in colour, so if you have ever felt bored just staring at a digital counter, now you will have something a bit more interesting to look at, with a continuous readout of time, speed, rpm, distance, calories and heart rate.

If you are following a calorie controlled diet then use the Body Sculpture BC-7300G Exercise Bike to lose more weight as its easy to see on the screen exactly how many calories your cycling has lost you, so if you fancy a packet of crisps later and you know those crisps are 120 calories then that's how much pedalling you have to do so those crisps won't count against you on your calorie controlled diet, people purchase this exercise bike for the calorie counting alone let alone the other great features.

If you're on the larger size then your be glad to know that this exercise cycle has oversize pedals making it very easy to cycle with your feet on large pedals, there is even a large foot strap for putting your foot securely on the pedal without slipping.

There's a BMI indicator for measuring your fat as well as a pulse sensor on the handlebars for measuring your heart rate, both of which are displayed on the colour digital display.

The seat is over size too so there's room for the most generous of bottoms and the seat moves up and down as well as forwards and backwards, so long or short arms can be assured of reaching the handlebars.
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