Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer that Monitors Vital Signs and Adjusts For Fitness Level.

The Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer monitors your heart rate and adjusts itself to keep your heart rate at a safe reading and warns you if your heart rate goes too high or too low.
Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer, Monitors Vital Signs

Monitors Vital Signs, Adjusts For Fitness Level

The Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer monitors your heart rate by first measuring your pulse using a pulse sensor built into the handlebars of the elliptical trainer so there's no need for any extra measuring devices or cables or leads just hold the handlebars as you exercise and the pulse sensor will be able to measure the pulse in the palm of your hands, the pulse is then used to calculate your heart rate which is the displayed on the LCD panel mounted between the fixed handlebars.

Once the elliptical trainer has your heart rate the machine continuously monitors your hear rate to see if your heart rate increases or decreases from what the exercise machine has calculated is your safe maximum heart rate so if there are any problems you can be informed that your heart rate is too high or too low.

When you're using one of the twenty one exercise programmes that are built into the combined exercise computer and digital display you're asked to enter the maximum heart rate that you wish the elliptical trainer would not go above you can enter this as a number using the up and down arrow keys on the control pad or you can enter this as a percentage of your maximum heart rate where the elliptical trainer calculates your maximum heart rate and then does not go above the percentage value you enter for example you could enter 85% meaning your heart rate would be monitored and not allowed to rise above 85% of its maximum value.
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