Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine With Pulse Sensors.

Review Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine With Pulse Sensors for a Smooth Rowing Stroke with the Pulse Displayed on Handle Bars.

If your looking for the best rowing machine that has all the features you need then take a look at the Review Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine which has a pulse sensor built into each side of the handlebars, when your gripping the handlebars the pulse sensors measure your pulse and display heartbeat information in BPM (Beats Per Minute) on a display that's actually built into the handlebars so you can see the display as your rowing.
Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine With Pulse Sensors, Smooth Rowing Stroke

Smooth Rowing Stroke

The Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine has a hinged rear leg which folds flat for easy storage and makes it possible to store the rowing machine in smaller places.

This rowing machine uses a magnetic resistance system which gives a very smooth rowing action with no mechanical jerky movements or sticking, magnetic resistance systems also have fewer moving parts so your rowing machine won't wear out like other brands, magnetic resistance systems are also super quiet so if your concerned about a noisy rowing machine disturbing other members of the house then don't be s its super quiet.

As well as the heart rate display on the handlebars there's another display on the main rowing machine which displays you're rowing time, stroke count and calorie count, its a large LCD display with simple to use buttons.

With the calories burned display on this rowing machine its easy to make rowing part of your calorie controlled diet regime, knowing how many calories you have used up through exercise will help you determine what foods you can eat and what treat you can reward yourself with without eating more calories than your saving through watching your diet and exercise.

There's a large resistance dial located centrally at the front of the rowing machine which is within easy reach whilst your sat down on the rowing machine, even when your feet are secured in the pedals.
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