Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine With Pulse Sensors.

Review Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine With Pulse Sensors, Large Seat, Large Footplates on this Folding Rowing Machine.

If you have used a rowing machine before and found that the seat is just too uncomfortable or too small or the footplates don't fit your feet properly or the foot straps don't fasten round your feet properly, then you might be interested in the Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine.
Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine With Pulse Sensors, Large Seat, Large Footplates

Large Seat, Large Footplates

With a large, comfortable and padded seat your be able to sit comfortably and actually enjoy your rowing and not worried that you're sitting on a knife edge and about to topple over any second and with comfortable foot plates your want to row hard and do your best rather than taking it easy because the rowing machine hurts your feet or you keep falling off the pedals.

There's a very large and easy to read training computer too which displays the calories that you have used whilst rowing and the number of rowing strokes you have made, being able to see the calories count up as you exercise is excellent motivation and encourages you to row harder and faster to see how many calories you can burn, it really is a fun part of rowing.

If you're following a calorie controlled diet then being able to see how many calories you're burning as you exercise will help you stay on track with your diet, if you ate the wrong types of food the other day and want to get back on track just exercise away until you have burned those extra calories that you used, it's the perfect way to diet and still indulge occasionally.

There's a digital display built into the rowing machine handlebars and this displays your heart rate, pulse sensors in either side of the handlebars measure the pulse in the palm of your hands and display this as a heart rate so you can see exactly how hard your body is working and know when you should be working harder or slowing down.
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