Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer.

Review Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer the Pilates Floor Machine to Maintain Correct Posture.

If your studying Pilates then your know how important the correct posture is or your Pilates exercises won't be effective, but if your practicing Pilates at home you know how difficult it easy to get the correct posture or exactly what is the correct posture anyway, it's even more difficult if your Pilates knowledge comes from books or DVD's where it's hard to know what the correct posture is even with the help of diagrams and pictures.
Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer, Pilates Floor Machine

Pilates Floor Machine

With the Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer you sit in the seat of the Pilates machine to fo your exercises with the Pilates machine forcing the correct posture on you and a comfortable padded seat and padded leg bars to make sure you don't get sore.

Once you realise how effective your Pilates will become when every exercise is 100% effective because your 100% in the right position, working the right muscles in exactly the right way, you won't ever want to stop using your Pilates trainer.

Now you can practice Pilates in front of the TV or whilst listening to music or even reading a book, now that you don't have to concentrate at all on keeping the right posture and position.

You get a DVD video with the Pilates trainer and this explains exactly how to use the Pilates trainer and what exercises to do and how often and because the correct exercise posture is forced on you by the Pilates trainer its impossible to have a bad Pilates exercise, in fact the Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer is just like having a real Pilates trainer with you, guiding you and telling you what the correct positions are.

Delivered free of charge and supplied with a one year warranty.
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