Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate.

Review BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch Bar and Weight Set with Long Bar and Dumbbell Bars including 10kg, 5kg, 2.5kg, 1.25kg, 0.5kg Weights.

Looking for a weight set that has everything so you never need to go out and buy another weight set or any more weights or bars then take a look at the BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch Bar and Weight Set which includes a total of 100kg of weights, you get 10 x 5kg weights, 4 x 2.5kg weights, 6 x 1.25kg weights, 6 x 0.5kg weights with the long bar weighing 6kg and the dumbbell bars weighing 1.5kg each (1.5kg x 2) you have a total of 100kg.
BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch Bar and Weight Set, Long Bar and Dumbbell Bars

Full Size Vibration Plate

The bars and weight are supplied with a screw clamp which is really simple to use, put the weight on the bar, screw the clamp finger tight and your done and the bar is ready for use, no tools are need to unscrew or fasten the clamps and you only need to turn the screw clamp to finger tight, so no struggling trying to undo seized screw clamps a problem you find on some manufacturers of weight sets.

The dumbbell bars are bright silver in colour and look very high tech whilst the weights are gloss black and look very solid and strong, indeed the weights will survive being dropped and won't chip like some weights do, the kg weight of the weights is embossed into the weights so no guessing what you have, add as many weights as you like to the long and short bars then use the screw clamp to fasten.

Included are 6 screw clamps for 3 bars (one long bar and two dumbbell bars) with a screw clamp at each end.

Delivery is free and that's just as well as postage for 100kg of weight could be expensive, but not here as the delivery is free.

There's a full 12 month warranty too, so any problems and your weight set or parts will be replaced promptly.
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