BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike with Multi Position Handlebars for Classic, Racing and Standing Up.

Whatever type of exercise bike you like your find it with the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike as this home exercise bike has multiple position handlebars so you can hold the handlebars like a classic old fashioned bicycle horizontally or like a racing bike vertically or standing up at an angle, wherever position you like when cycling your well taken care of with the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.
BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike, Multi Position Handlebars

Multi Position Handlebars, Classic, Racing, Standing Up

The tension control or resistance control as its more commonly known is electronic so there's no resistance knobs to turn as everything is motorised simply press the resistance increase or decrease button on the control panel in front of you and feel the pedals get stiffer or easier to move around whilst your cycling there's no need to stop cycling when you adjust resistance or to take things easy you can be cycling hard and change the resistance level at the same time.

The BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike has 16 exercise programmes built into the exercise bike these exercise programmes will automatically adjust the resistance level for you to create 16 different cycling courses some with hills some with flats but all different and all designed to help you achieve a range of exercise goals from losing weight to shaping or toning your stomach muscles, calves, ankles, thighs or to simply having fun on a gentle cycle to more furious racing and extreme cardiovascular work its all available within the 16 exercise programmes.

Whether your using one of the built in exercise programmes or using the exercise programme designer feature to design your own exercise programme or just pedalling without an exercise programme you can manually adjust the resistance on the pedals (how hard it is to pedal) at any time.
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