Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate.

Review Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate the Vibration Exercise Machine for Squats, Calf Raises, Lunges, Push Ups, Dips.

If you're looking for a vibration machine to help you keep fit then take a look at the Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate not only is it a vibration plate that's twice as effective at exercise than floor exercises alone but it's also a massage machine that can give you a full body massage.
Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate, Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibration Exercise Machine

The Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate is a strong and well built vibration plate machine that you stand on and adjust the vibrations to effect different parts of the body whilst you perform simple exercises like stretching, squatting down and standing up again, flexing muscles, working with light weights, Pilates and any exercises that you can do on the vibration plate, the addition of the vibrations makes your exercise twice as effective, so for every one exercise you do on the vibration plate you will have to do two or more floor exercises to get the same benefit.

The vibration plate computer and console shows and adjusts the vibration speed, shows the time you have been exercising and even contains a fat scan which can calculate your BMI Body Mass Index, now each time you use the vibration plate use the fat scan and check your BMI reading, over time your notice your fat levels dropping as you start to use the vibration plate and these no better motivation to exercise than when you can easily see the results of your exercise working.

As well as a vibration plate the Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate is also a massage machine, one of the few massage machines that can give you a full body massage, had a long day at work, aching feet then use the vibration plate as a massage machine, select the massage mode from the control panel and enjoy a full body massage that does truly massage your who body with vibrations, you can select the intensity of those vibrations which controls how hard a massage you get, fast strong vibrations for a hard massage and slow vibrations for a soft massage.
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