Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate.

Review Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate the Full Size Vibration Plate and Massage Machine.

If you're looking to buy a vibration plate that can give vibration exercise to your whole body and is sturdy enough to stand on and big enough to stand on then consider the Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate it's a big vibration plate that's got plenty of room to stand on and exercise on, as well as vibration exercises you also have a powerful massage machine included.
Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate, Full Size Vibration Plate

Full Size Vibration Plate

Exercising on a vibration plate is 50% more effective than exercising alone, so if you do 10 exercises on the vibration plate it's like doing 20 exercises on the floor, you can do all sorts of exercises on a vibration plate from squats with feet together and feet apart top work different muscle groups, two legged and one legged squats are excellent for toning legs and thighs or work the calf muscles for strong and toned calfs, stand flat and then stand on tip toes, repeat to get great calf definition.

You can do lunges on a vibration plate, stand off the vibration plate and place one foot on the vibration plate bending the knee, lung forward moving your weight forward to work a range of stomach muscles, you can do step exercises as well, stepping on and off the vibration plate or try upper body exercises like push ups and dips, use the included straps and cords to work a range of upper body muscles.

As well as exercising on the vibration plate you can also use the vibration plate as a full body massage machine the powerful 2000 watt motor offers 50 different speed levels for you to choose and with a maximum user weight of 23 stone it's an excellent way for people of all shapes and sizes to get fit and lose some weight.
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