Cintura Omega Exercise Bike.

Buy the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, the Simple Exercise Cycle with Large Padded Seat.

If your just starting out exercising at home and want a exercise bike that doesn't cost the earth so you can see if exercise bikes are for you, but don't want the wrong exercise bike that will turn out not to offer the features you need then try the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, it's a simple to use exercise bike with features that make sense and none of the fluffy features that no one uses.
Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, Simple Exercise Cycle

Simple Exercise Cycle

The Cintura Omega Exercise Bike has a large seat with extra padding so it's very comfortable and with a maximum user weight of 16 stone you can be assured that whilst exercising your feel safe and secure with no worries that the exercise bike might tip over or wobble, worries that other brands of exercise bike have been known for.

The body of the exercise bike has quite a low height, so if your recovering from injury or advanced in years and have problems lifting your leg high, you won't have any problems getting on or off the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike.

The effort that you need to cycle is controlled by the resistance knob mounted on the handlebar column, its an easy turn clockwise to increase the resistance or anticlockwise to reduce the resistance level and therefore the effort you need to put into pedalling.

The simply to use digital display show you all your essential cycling information including the time you have been cycling for, the speed you are cycling and the distance you have cycled.

To start using the exercise bike, sit on the seat and start peddling, the digital display will start to show you your speed straight away, easily reach the resistance knob from your seated cycling position.
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