Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine.

Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine, Watch Television Whilst Rowing because it's a Silent Rowing Machine.

Fed up with noisy rowing machines that sound like jet turbines when you pull on the rowing machine handle, want something quieter so you can use the rowing machine at home and even watch TV whilst your rowing, a rowing machine that won't bother the rest of the family and folds away small when not in use then the Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine is the one to buy.
Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine, Watch Television Whilst Rowing

Watch Television Whilst Rowing, Silent Rowing Machine

The Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine uses an electronic magnetic resistance braking system which controls how hard it is to row and is fully adjustable from the resistance knob on the rower, turn the resistance knob up to make it harder to row and turn the resistance knob down to make it easier to row whatever resistance setting you use the rowing machine won't make any noise as electronic resistance systems are silent and because they have few moving parts compared to their mechanical equivalents they last a lot longer too.

When you not using your rowing machine or when you want to transport your rower in the boot of your car you can fold the rower up as it's hinged on the long beam where the long beam joins the main body of the rower you can lift up the beam and lock the beam in place in a vertical position which takes up a lot less room in your home and then when your ready to row again simply push the long beam back down until it locks into the open position.

The computer console shows both your pulse rate and calorie consumption and if you like to wear a heart rate watch or a hear rate chest strap or even earlobe heart rate sensor then the rowing machine is capable of receiving wireless heart rate signals and will display the heart rate on the rowers machine that it has received wirelessly from another device.
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