Cintura Tempest Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Cintura Tempest Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer with 21 Exercise Programmes and Dual Handlebars, Elliptical and Stepper.

If you're looking to get fit at home and like the idea of a cross trainer then why not buy the Cintura Tempest Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer which has 21 exercise programmes built-in so you won't get bored doing exactly the same exercise time and time again, with the exercise computer you choose the type of exercise you would like from heart rate control, increase stamina, tone legs, lose weight, cardio-vascular and plenty more besides.
Cintura Tempest Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, 21 Exercise Programmes

21 Exercise Programmes

There's two sets of handlebars on the Cintura Tempest Elliptical Cross Trainer, the moving handlebars are for using the machine as an elliptical cross trainer with a skiing action and the fixed handlebars are for using the machine as a stepper or step machine, you get two machines in one, so the price is cheaper and you don't lose space in your home having two machines crowd your home.

The Cintura Tempest Elliptical Cross Trainer uses magnetic resistance and not those big noisy blower fans that some elliptical trainers use, the advantage of magnetic resistance is that it makes the cross trainer smaller and you save space in your home and lighter too so it's easier to move the cross trainer around but also super quiet as magnets don't make any noise so if your exercising with other people in the house that you don't want to disturb then this is the cross trainer for you.

Also magnetic resistance cross trainers have fewer moving parts than their mechanical counterparts so your cross trainer lasts longer and requires a lot less servicing (if at all).

There's 15 levels of resistance to choose from, simple use the large thumbwheel on the control panel that's straight in front of you to select how hard you would like your exercising to be, start out with a effort level that's manageable and over the coming weeks increase the effort level as your fitness level increases, there's pulse sensors in the handlebars which read your pulse by measuring the pulse on the palms of your hands when your holding the handlebars.

The pulse level is then passed to the colour digital display where your pulse is displayed as a heart rate so you can immediately see how well you are doing.
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