Fuel Fitness FE44 Elliptical Trainer.

The Fuel Fitness FE44 Elliptical Trainer with No More Sore Feet thanks to Articulating Footpads.

If you use a cross trainer at the gym chances are its an older model and after a while your feet, ankles, knee and legs start to ache that's because the elliptical trainer well have fixed footpads, these don't allow your foot and leg to more freely as you move up and down, this restricted movement is what leads to your aches and pains, with the Fuel Fitness FE44 Elliptical Trainer you get articulated footpads which means simply, no more sore feet.
Fuel Fitness FE44 Elliptical Trainer, No More Sore Feet

No More Sore Feet

One of the best features of the Fuel Fitness range of elliptical trainers is that they come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and breaking system, which is good to know because you want the breaking system to be there when you need it, there's also a 5 years parts warranty and 2 years labour, so you can see the Fuel Fitness FE44 Elliptical Trainer is gong to last for many years to come.

There's a large easy to read backlit screen with a stylish looking blue backlight that offers great contrast on the readout and people who have sight problems or like to elliptical train without their glasses will appreciate the high contrast backlight.

With two sets of handlebars you get two machines in one a step machine and a elliptical trainer, use the stationary step machine handlebars when you want a quality step machine and use the moving handlebars when you want an elliptical trainer.

Inside the elliptical trainer is a 10.5kg flywheel which provides a high level of inertia to your elliptical training, you get a smooth step action without that heavy grind to try and get the trainer up to speed, with the flywheel inertia system the elliptical trainer is always up to speed.
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