Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer.

The Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer has a Compact Design, and is a Space Saving Folding Elliptical Trainer.

This is a folding elliptical trainer that when not stored away has a large 20 inch stride so anyone 6 foot or over will not feel cramped and unable to stride fully like they would on a lot of other elliptical trainers, both shorter and taller people can use the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer with ease.
Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer, Compact Design, Space Saving

Compact Design, Space Saving

A large flywheel is built into the body of the elliptical trainer which provides for a very smooth step with no jerky starts or shudder, your striding is smooth and controlled as if you're gliding along.

The backlit digital display contrast is easy to read even in low light conditions and contains 10 exercise programmes so you can choose from elliptical train, step, heart rate control, lose weight, build stamina etc.

There's two stereo speakers built into the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer so if you hate wearing headphones because they fall off or get tangled up with the machine then just plug in your iPod, iPhone or MP3 machine and hear your sounds or telephone calls coming out of the elliptical trainers speakers.

It's not often that you see exercise equipment being offered a lifetime warranty but that's exactly what you get with the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer a lifetime warranty on any problems with the frame or breaking system and of course the brakes are very important so good to know that's covered, the rest of the elliptical trainer has a very generous 5 years parts and labour warranty.

Due to the popularity of this Fuel Fitness elliptical trainer there's been a massive reduction in price and now the new discounted price carries a 50% discount, so buy now for a great bargain on a elliptical trainer that's guaranteed to last for years.
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