Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer.

Buy the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer the Heavy Duty Cross Trainer with Lifetime Warranty.

A cross trainer capable of supporting up to 21 stone in weight with 20 different resistance ranges, oversized moving footplates, large 20 inch stride and 12 exercise programmes that has to be the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer, this professional machine is packed with features and a lifetime frame and braking system warranty so you never have to worry about repairs.
Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer, Heavy Duty Cross Trainer

Heavy Duty Cross Trainer

Whatever your weight you want a cross trainer that has the power to cross strain without struggling, if you want to go fast or slow you want a cross trainer that feels fluid and moves easily not a trainer that stutters and is hard to start or one of those cross trainers that as your striding you can feel stiffen up because you just reached the half way point or quarter way point in your exercise routine and the machine has added another spring or whatever means they have chose to use to counter your striding.

With the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer you get a modern, powerful cross trainer that can cope with the biggest of people, if you have a 20 inch stride then there's no problem and your feet won't be banging on the edge of the cross trainer, basically if your 6 feet tall or more you want a 20 inch stride cross trainer of as you may have experienced yourself your feet will bang against the cross trainer or you will have to cut your stride short.

There's 12 different exercise routines to choose from, having varied exercise routines keeps you intere4sted in exercising, if week after week everything is the same then you're just lose interest and not want to use the cross trainer so Fuel Fitness have added manual control, heart rate control, extreme, morning start, cross country and lots more.

With the heart rate control programs the cross trainer will actually be controlled by your changing heart rate, as you exercise and your heart rate rises to much the cross trainer will automatically reduce the effort required and as you recover the cross trainer will increase the effort again, this is the safest way to exercise as your heart rate and health are continually monitored by a pulse sensor on the handlebars, as you hold the handlebars the pulse sensors calculates your heart rate and displayed that on the central digital display.
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