Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill.

Review Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill the Folding Treadmill with Very Large Running Deck.

The Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill is a hydraulic folding treadmill which means that up lift the large running deck up slightly and the power assisted hydraulics move the running deck into a vertical position pointing straight upwards, this makes the treadmill take up a lot less space and is one of the reasons why the Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill has proved so popular.
Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill, Folding Treadmill

Folding Treadmill

On the handlebars you have buttons for speed increase and decrease as well as incline increase and decrease, the incline is the amount of hill you would like to run up from no hills to 15% increase, these buttons are all within easy reach without even having to take your hands of the handlebars.

The incline is powered you don't have to wind anything or adjust the height of any mechanism, at the push of a button your feel and see the treadmill rise up to the level of hill you have selected (incline).

There's even two big cup holders either side of the display and you can use these for even the very largest water bottles, included too is a reading rack which is located on the centre console and can accommodate a book or magazine.

Fuel Fitness have one of the best warranty offers with a 5 year parts guarantee and 2 years on-site labour, where if there are any problems a Fuel Fitness engineer will visit you at home.

The large computer console has a blue LCD display which is very easy to read even in low light levels the console has good contrast and is excellent news for people who like to exercise without their glasses or contact lenses.

The Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill has a 6 point cushioning system under the treadmill deck which cushions each step using mini shock absorbers mounted on the running deck, if you suffer from sore feet or legs from running your experience a difference on the Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill.
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