Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill.

Review Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill the Full Featured Treadmill with Large Running Deck and Cushioned Belt.

In need of a full featured treadmill that has a whole host of modern treadmill features like cushioned running deck so your feet won't get sore, power incline for running up hills, EKG handrails (pulse sensor in handlebars) and even free delivery then take a look at the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill.
Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill, Full Featured Treadmill

Full Featured Treadmill

The Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill has a powerful 3.5 HP motor that will power the treadmill to 10 miles per hour carrying a runners weight of 22 stone at a incline of 15% so you know it truly is a strong motor that will be more than enough for even professional runners.

There's a 6 point cushioning system under the running deck to provide shock absorbing properties whilst you're running or walking and thus reduce injury from sore feet, painful aching knee joints and thigh muscles.

The frame and motor carry a lifetime warranty, whilst you might think yes a powerful treadmill but it won't last long, well the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill will last a lifetime guaranteed, your get a free repair or free replacement if there are any problems.

You can fold the treadmill deck upwards, its a large treadmill deck which is great for running, jogging or walking as you have lots of room but not so great when you have something large to store, that's where the self folding hydraulic action comes into play, the hydraulics will lift the treadmill into a vertical position so the whole treadmill takes up far less room and with transport wheels that engage the floor when the treadmill is folded you can simply push the treadmill to its storage location.

The large computer display has a blue backlight so it's easy to read in all light levels and especially useful if you have poor eyesight or don't like to wear your glasses whilst exercising.
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