IronMan 3 Station Multigym.

Buy the IronMan 3 Station Multigym, the Complete Gym in One Machine with Two Seats, Dedicated Leg Press, Rowing Machine, Chest Press and Lat Pulldowns.

With an ab station, a leg station, a leg extension station, lat pulldown bar, chest press, shoulder press, ankle strap exercises and rowing machine every part of the body is covered you can build muscle everywhere from your legs to your abs to your chest and shoulders your have every single piece of weight exercise equipment available.
IronMan 3 Station Multigym, Complete Gym in One Machine

Complete Gym in One Machine

Your also have a rowing machine which is ideal for cardiovascular exercise as weight training will help you build muscle but you also need a high metabolic rate to grow muscle not fat and your fat to start to burn off as soon as you start weight training, use the rowing machine for that.

Work your triceps on the lat pull down bars where you can do forward and rear lat pulldowns as well as assisted crunches, use the chest press and with the flick of a switch the chest press changes into a butterfly press and flick the switch again and its back to a straight press.

Something you won't normally find on multigyms is your own dedicated leg press machine, here you can leg press up to the maximum weights supplied which is 150lbs or 68kg, more than enough for anyone.

You get built-in leg raise and leg dip bars which are very secure and stable and add to the multigyms whole feeling of strength and top performance.

Use the built-in arm rest for bicep curls and the easy lock chest press for straight chest press or butterfly chest press weight training.

Most multigyms that try to pack as many exercise machines into one as the IronMan 3 Station Multigym don't manage it nearly as well as the IronMan 3 Station Multigym because IronMan use safety steel cable, plastic coated for safety and a unique pulley system to transfer the weight you want to train with to any area of the multigym, just use the weight selector on the weight stack and every single piece of exercise equipment has access to that weight stack at the same time, there's no fiddling with clips and Allan keys like there is on some other brands of multigym.
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