IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym.

The IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym is a Gym Replacement Machine combining Pulldown Bar, Chest Press, Rowing Machine, Leg Press and Leg Raise.

Why buy lots of separate pieces of gym equipment when you can just buy the one multigym and have everything, it's much cheaper and takes up a lot less room in your house.
IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym, Gym Replacement Machine

Gym Replacement Machine

The IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym has everything you need for both weight training and exercise, use the weight machines or use the rowing machine for some cardio, for a healthy balance you need to combine weight training with cardio vascular which will help burn the fat so those 6 pack abs will actually show through.

You get 150lbs or 68kg of weights included with the IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym, they are standard weights so you could add more weights or use these weights in other pieces of exercise equipment.

You get an Ab station for working those abductor muscles and a armrest for bicep curls, the armrest is heavily padded for both comfort and safety and looks good in a gloss black finish.

You get a leg extension station and a lat pulldown bar for forward and reverse lat pulldowns, of course the bench is right over the pulldown bar so you can do standing up lat pulldowns or sitting down lat pulldowns.

There's a chest press too for use as a straight chest press and by unlocking the press with a simple turn of a lever the straight press becomes a butterfly press, there's a leg extension bar and ankle strap for side kicks.

There's a rowing machine integral to the IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym so you can work those biceps and get a general cardiovascular exercise which you won't get from weight exercises.

Unusual for a multigym is the addition of a dedicated leg press and a rowing machine, so in the one piece of fitness and weight training equipment you have a whole gyms worth of equipment.

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