IronMan Advanced Multigym.

Buy the IronMan Advanced Multigym, the Whole Gym Built Into One Machine includes Ab Station, Rowing Machine, Pulldown Bars, Chest Press and Leg Curls.

If you only want to buy one piece of gym equipment to use at home then buy the IronMan Advanced Multigym because it gives you every other piece of gym equipment too with the added advantage that you don't have to spend a lot of money buying all sorts of different pieces of weight training and gym equipment, the added advantage is that in the comfort of your own home you get to try out lots of pieces of gym equipment that you wouldn't otherwise get to use and if you like a particular piece of weight training or exercise equipment then you can use it every day.
IronMan Advanced Multigym, Whole Gym Built Into One Machine

Whole Gym Built Into One Machine

This is the Advanced Multigym from IronMan which also includes a abductor muscle station (Ab Station), for getting that perfect 6 pack but you also get 21 other pieces of exercise equipment that you can use every day, you even get a rowing machine which lots of multigyms leave out but is absolutly essential if you're doing some hard weight training as even if your trying to build muscle you need cardiovascular activity to stay fit and healthy, and if your trying to get lean and lose a few pounds of fat then a rowing machine is an excellent choice.

Delivery free of charge, flat packed for home assembly, the instructions are written in plain and clear English and there are diagrams to accompany the text, assembly will take approximately one hour and all the tools you need (you only need one) are included with the home gym at no extra cost.

You get a lat pull down bar, chest station, leg station, ab station and rowing machine.

Delivery is free so there's no more to pay.
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