IronMan Folding Curved Sit Up Bench.

Review IronMan Folding Curved Sit Up Bench with Two 1.5kg Dumbbells Included for Perfect Abs.

If you're looking for a sit up bench that is more effective than other sit up benches then take a look at the IronMan Folding Curved Sit Up Bench which has an ergonomically designed curved bench which puts your back in the proper position for a more effective workout, don't get injuries and sprains using a flat sit up bench use a curved sit up bench and get the optimum position for your sit ups.
IronMan Folding Curved Sit Up Bench, Two 1.5kg Dumbbells Included

Two 1.5kg Dumbbells Included

For maximum intensity when doing sit ups you need a curved sit up bench, this all new ergonomically designed sit up bench includes two 1.5kg dumbbell weights, one for each hand, and there's a dumbbell holder located just beneath the sit up bench back rest on either side of the bench at hand height so the holder is right within reach when you want to put the weights back or take them out.

The metal caged holder holds these dumbbells securely and you can leave the 1.5kg dumbbells in the dumbbell holder when not in use.

Thers leg and foot bars included on the sit up bench and these are fully adjustable for height so no matter if your big or small your be able to adjust the leg bars to fit your legs and the foot bars to fit your feet, even if you have large legs your have no problem adjusting the leg bars to fit.

The leg bars and foot bars are thickly padded for comfort and safety, to adjust the leg bars and foot bars simply turn the hand wheel to remove the hand wheel, select a different hole and screw the hand wheel back in place, hand tight is tight enough as you don't need any special tools and if there's two of you sharing the IronMan Folding Curved Sit Up Bench its quick and easy to adjust heights.
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