IronMan Folding Weight Bench.

Review IronMan Folding Weight Bench the Multi Exercise Bench with Chest Press, Butterfly Bars, Leg Extensions and Leg Curls.

Looking to buy a weight bench but want one that offers a little more then take a look at the IronMan Folding Weight Bench which as well as being a quality weight bench also has several other exercise machines built-in including a chest press, butterfly bars, leg extensions and leg curls and if that wasn't enough the whole mufti exercise bench folds away for easy storage.
IronMan Folding Weight Bench, Multi Exercise Bench

Multi Exercise Bench

The backrest is fully adjustable from flat to straight upright and angles so whatever exercise you have in mind you can angle the seat for comfort and exercise effectiveness, included is a pair of butterfly bars to work your pecs (pectoral muscles) and delts (deltoid muscles), there's a leg extension for working your quads (quadricep muscles) and leg curl bars for working your hamstring muscles.

The back rest as well as being able to be angled is also height adjustable, so you can adjust the height depending on your own preference and body size so that everything will always be in easy reach no matter what your size.

The leg extension and leg curls bars are thickly padded for safety and comfort and when we say thickly padded we mean really thick, take a look at the picture to see how thick we mean.

There's a barbell retaining stand with locking barbell holder so you can leave your barbells (long weights) on the stand all the time without fear of the weights falling and damaging your home or someone else.

Delivery by courier is free of charge and there's a full 12 months warranty so if you have any problems with the IronMan Folding Weight Bench your get a free repair or replacement.
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