NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike.

Buy the NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike, the Lightweight Cycle with X Design.

The unique X folding design creates a exercise bike that folds away into practically nothing, now anyone can have an exercise bike no matter how little space you have, if you live in a one bedroom flat, live on a boat or live in a caravan you have more than enough room for this folding exercise bike.
NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike, Lightweight Cycle

Lightweight Cycle

The NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike folds away really small but is still a very capable and very strong exercise bike with a maximum cyclist weight of 17.5 stone and all the clever features like a heart rate display which measures your pulse from two pulse sensors built into the handlebars, simply hold the handlebars to see your heart rate displayed on the screen.

A beautiful black and yellow coloured digital display shows your cycling time, cycling speed, distance cycled, pulse and calorie counter, if your watching your weight and following a calorie controlled diet then your be able to see exactly how many calories you burn whilst on this folding exercise bike, simply give your calorie controlled diet a boost or exercise to combat that afternoon cake you had but know you shouldn't.

It's easy to fold and unfold the NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike simply pull the big and push it into the unlock position and the exercise bike will fold, then simply push the big pin into the locked position and the exercise bike will lock open, and very secure it is too.

So you don't get tired aching feet or sore knees the exercise bike has self levelling footplates (pedals) and a foot strap that holds your foot securely onto the pedals.

When in use the large metal legs stand securely on the floor and won't rock, vibrate or move about on any surface in your home.

Supplied with a one year warranty and free delivery.
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