Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer is ideal for Calorie Controlled Diet Exercising and Body Fat Calculation.

If you're wanting to get fit and lose a little weight in the process you might like the Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, if your used to calorie counting your food then how about calorie counting your exercise, that's exactly what the Powertech Hurricane Cross Trainer lets you do with a calorie counter built into the display computer you can see how many calories you have burned as your exercising.
Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, Calorie Controlled Diet Exercising

Calorie Controlled Diet Exercising

With a built in body fat calculation using the BMI Body Mass Index method your be able to follow your fat loss week after week as you see your BMI number reduce.

There's pulse sensors built into the handlebars and these are used to calculate your heartrate and display it on the digital display whilst you exercise, simply hold the handlebars as you exercise, its ideal for knowing how hard your pushing yourself, toom hard and your heartrate will rise and a warning will be displayed on the screen to low and your realise that you could be working a little harder.

There's 12 exercise programmes built in so just select an exercise programme that meets your goal, weight loss, body tone, stamina etc and there's even a user programmable exercise function so you can make your own exercise program up and save it to the crosstrainer and each week use your own exercise programme, maybe you like things a little different to the exercise programmes built in, faster or slower or working harder or easier, of course there's also a manual control mode so you ca have full control of your speed and effort levels.

Don't worry if your overweight this crosstrainer has a maximum weight capacity of 24 stone so your sure to feel safe, comfortable and on a stable and hard wearing cross trainer.

This is a dual action crosstrainer with step action stationary handlebars and crosstrain action moving handlebars, just hold onto whichever handlebars you like and you can also work the pedals backwards or forwards as this crosstrainer is designed for both, note a lot of cross trainers won't cross train backwards so make sure you choose the Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer.
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