Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine With Magnetic Resistance.

Review Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine With Magnetic Resistance a Folding Rowing Machine and Bestselling Rower.

With its lovely silver housing and red highlights this is a beautiful exercise bike that's sure to look good in everyone's home.
Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine With Magnetic Resistance, Folding Rowing Machine

Folding Rowing Machine

Its a folding rowing machine too where the aluminium rowing beam folds directly upwards and locks giving you much more room in your home.

There's a digital computer display mounted at eye level directly in front of you which displays the calories you have burned whilst rowing and the time it has taken you, if your maintaining your weight or losing weight through a calorie controlled diet then your be able to use your rowing machine to help you lose even more calories, a great idea especially if you have eaten more than you should and want to compensate by buying some extra calories to keep your calorie controlled diet on track.

The Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine comes with articulated or moving footplates which prevents your feet from getting sore as well as your legs and knees.

There's a large and comfortable seat on these rowing machines so your actually want to row for an extended period.

There's a long aluminium bar which the seat runs on and couple with the smooth magnetic resistance means that this rowing machine is one of the most comfortable.

With a maximum user weight of 100kg or 16 stone the Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine can be used by all members of the family young or old.

With a long beam people with large legs or arms will find this a comfortable rowing machine as they will be able to row with their full length and not try and scrunch up on th rowing machine.

The seat is large, padded and non slip.

Delivered free of charge and supplied with a 12 month warranty.
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