Reebok iBike Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Buy the Reebok iBike Magnetic Exercise Bike the Simple To Use, Good Looking Exercise Cycle.

You might not know, but Reebok make a line of quality exercise bikes that are simple to use yet have very good quality and some of the latest features at a price that makes them best sellers.
Reebok iBike Magnetic Exercise Bike, Simple To Use, Good Looking

Simple To Use, Good Looking

With a 2 year warranty from Reebok and free delivery the Reebok iBike Magnetic Exercise Bike is very good value and with a maximum rider weight of 18 stone everyone in the family can use the exercise bike and feel safe and secure, its a very sturdy exercise bike with a solid 1.5mm steel construction frame.

The Reebok iBike Magnetic Exercise Bike has a large comfortable seat thats well padded so your won't get a sore bottom no matter how long you like to cycle for and with the simple to use digital display that shows you all your readings on one display without having to wait for the statistic your most interested in to scroll past the window, you can see at a glance time, speed, distance, calories and pulse or heart rate readings.

The Reebok exercise bike even has a freewheeling feature that makes cycling on the Reebok just like cycling on a normal bike in that you can stop peddling and the momentum will still carry forward just like on areal bike.

On the Reebok exercise bike you can also pedal forwards or backwards, both will work just fine and not many exercise bikes support this feature.

The footplates are extra large so there's plenty of space to put your feet on the pedals and the feet straps are large and give a good fit without squashing your feet, the pedals also have a no slip surface.

This is a magnetic resistance exercise bike so it's extremely quiet in operation (magnets don't make any noise) and there's very few moving parts (magnets don't wear out) so you won't be needing spares, repairs of servicing for a very ling time to come.
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