SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer is Business Quality For The Home.

The SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer is designed for semi-commercial quality that means its designed for use in hotel gyms and sports clubs up and down the UK and so is the perfect elliptical trainer for home use as if it can take the wear and tear of commercial use its will last a long time in the home.
SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer, Business Quality

Business Quality, For The Home

The SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer has an adjustable stride length so if you have a large stride or a short stride your be able to use this elliptical trainer without overstretching your legs or cramping your legs up because there is not much room, your stride length is dependant on how tall you are the taller you are the larger your stride length and the shorter you are the shorter your stride length until the SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer tall people (greater than 6 foot) could not find an elliptical trainer that accommodated their large stride and shorter people (shorter than 5 foot) could not find an elliptical trainer that did not force the to take too larger stride resulting in pain and discomfort.

The footplates themselves are large and comfortable to use even with a size 13 and above shoe sixe as there's lots of room to adopt the standing position you prefer if you have ever found yourself standing on the safety edge guards of the footplate because there is just not enough room for your feet then your appreciate how large footplates are important and the SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer is an especially good buy if your buying the elliptical trainer for the whole family to use as with everyone being a different height and having different shoe sizes you need an elliptical trainer that can accommodate everyone's size.
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