Tahiti Amber Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Amber Massage Table, the Large Folding Massage Table, it's Portable with a Leather Look.

If your looking for a large folding massage table the Tahiti Amber Massage Table is your best bet, it can accommodate a person of up to 38 stone and has a large length of over 86 inches and a width of over 35 inches so there's plenty of room even for the biggest massage clients and is well suited to pregnant mums, the overweight and everyone looking for a generous sized massage table.
Tahiti Amber Massage Table, Large Folding Massage Table

Large Folding Massage Table

The massage table is portable and folds up into its own carrying case (when folded the massage table looks like an item of luggage) and even has its own carry handle.

The luxurious two tone cream and rich dark red looks fantastic a pink massage table is also available with the exact same specification, the face cradle is removable and so is the side pads, once removed you can store them underneath the massage table in the specially designed holder, even when folded ready for transport the face cradle and side pads can be stored inside the folded treadmill to keep them safe and to make sure if your moving the massage table fro place to place that you don't leave anything behind.

The entire massage table is covered in inch thick memory foam which makes for a very comfortable table and a very good looking massage table finished in PVC leather which looks very authentic.

The frame is lightweight and makes this large folding massage table easy to carry around, the frame is beech wood, a light coloured wood that looks very luxurious.

The massage table height is adjusted on the legs, there are many different heights available so no matter how tall or short you are your be able to adjust the massage table to the right height so your able to give a great massage with all your weight behind you and without straining yourself.

Delivery is free and there's a one year warranty included.
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