Tahiti Opal Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Opal Massage Table in Cream PU Leather, it's a Folding Massage Table.

If you're a mobile massage therapist visiting massage centres, massage clinics, beauty treatment centres and peoples homes or even if you just want a quality massage table for your own home then the Tahiti Opal Massage Table is for you.
Tahiti Opal Massage Table, Cream PU Leather

Cream PU Leather

This is a folding massage table that uniquely folds into a briefcase sized pack that's easy to carry around or store at home out of the way, just because this is a folding massage table does not in any way mean its less of a massage table than its rigid cousins, this is a luxury massage table with some great features.

The legs and frame are incredibly strong and made from quality beech wood, in fact so strong that the portable massage table is capable of supporting a weight of 38 stone so no matter who your massage client, pregnant mum, elderly or overweight they will all find this massage table to be strong and supportive.

The PVC leather covering feels and looks like real leather but is easy to clean with just a wipe down with a damp cloth needed, the portable massage table is luxury to look at with quality leather styling and beech wood.

There's just a quick catch to undo on the underside and you can fold the massage table away in seconds, all the parts are stored inside the folded massage table and with separate compartments for everything you won't go losing or forgetting any parts.

There's a detachable face cradle as well as a face hole in the main massage table, so whether you like face cradles or face holes the choice is yours and there's a face bung too so if you don't want the face hole you can plug the hole with the bung.

Delivered free of charge and with one years warranty.
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