Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table, it's Portable, Height Adjustable Massage Table with PVC Leather and Memory Foam.

For a truly luxurious massage table that won't break the bank take a look at the Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table, it comes with a height adjustable head rest which means you can use this massage table for beauty treatments too as when your lying down on the massage table you can sit up and lye back at an angle for head massages, facials and beauty treatments.
Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table, Portable, Height Adjustable Massage Table

Portable, Height Adjustable Massage Table

The Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table is a folding massage table which folds up into its on carry case so you can easily store the folded massage table at home or take it with you in the car if your a travelling massage therapist.

There's a unique hand hold on this massage table located beneath the face cradle, the hand hold saves dangling your arms down so you won't get pins and needles in your arms like you might do if your dangling your arms down for a while.

There are removable side pads too and these make the width of the massage table even bigger and give massage clients another place to keep their hands, the beech frame is light in colour and looks incredibly beautiful coupled with the dark black of the PVC leather, the beech frame is superlight weight and super strong with a maximum weight of 38 stone.

The black PVC leather is wipe clean so any makeup, nail vanish or massage oils can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, the leather looks authentic and feels like leather too.

The table height is fully adjustable from high to low and many positions in between so you won't have to strain to offer a good massage as your customer will always be at the correct height for you.

With free delivery and one years warranty.
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