TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill.

Review TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill with Large Running Deck and Shock Absorbing Suspension System.

If your looking for an extra large treadmill with an extra large running deck you have found it, the TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill has one of the longest and widest treadmill running decks available, if you feel unsteady when your running or walking or that the treadmill is closing in on you then you need the TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill.
TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill, Large Running Deck

Large Running Deck

There's a 6 point suspension system keeping you free from injury, if you have previously suffered from sore feet, aching knees, tired joints then you might benefit from shock absorbing treadmill like the TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill.

There's a massive 48 different exercise programmes from exercise programmes that automatically match your heart rate for difficulty to exercise programmes for running or walking uphill and everything in between.

On the handlebars are pulse sensors which measure your pulse and convert this to a heart rate for display on the screen and control of some of the heart rate control exercise programmes.

This is a folding treadmill so when you need your room back simply pull on the large running deck and the hydraulic system will take over pulling your treadmill into a vertical position for easy storage.

There's 6 different digital displays on the treadmill so you don't have to put up with silly scan modes that only show you have of your running stats at any one time.

As well as a conventional stop button on the console in front of you there's also a emergency stop cord, pull the cord and the treadmill will come to an immediate halt, handy if your not that confident on a treadmill.

The TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill has transport wheels that when folded will allow your treadmill to be easily moved around the home.

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