TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill.

Review TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill the Top of The Range Treadmill with Huge Running Track, Hi Speed, Maximum Incline.

For a top of the range treadmill with all the features like high speed 22 kph treadmill, 20% maximum hill incline, the largest running track available and a training computer with 26 different exercise programmes then take a look at the TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill.
TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill, Top of The Range Treadmill

Top of The Range Treadmill

The TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill has 36 different exercise programmes that cover everything from time trials to lose weight, keep fit, stamina, increase cardiovascular, hill running, marathon and more.

There's also 3 user definable exercise programmes where you can make your own exercise programme, maybe you like a gentle warm up walk followed by jog and then a few hills followed by a sprint, whatever your ultimate exercise program looks like you can easily design your own and save the exercise programme for easy selection next time, just choose the manual adjustment option and the computer will save all your adjustments as you use the treadmill and then play back the exercise programme when you choose.

The colour exercise screen shows your progress around a running track, you can choose to try and beat your previous times by effectively competing against yourself or just use a time trial trying to get the best time.

The extra large running deck is cushioned with an 8 point suspension system, most makes of treadmill would only use a 6 point suspension system but with 8 points you really feel the added shock absorbing, this extra shock absorbing will help your knees and joints stay healthy and not get sore or ache after the repeated jolt of jogging.

When you have finished using the treadmill simply use the hydraulic folding mechanism to folds up the treadmill which moves the treadmill running deck into a vertical position and takes up a lot less space in your home, when folded the transport wheels make the treadmill easy to move around your home too.
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